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Gold Trimmed Brazilian Amethyst
Crystal Cluster Pendants

Best Buy Sold Out...attractive hand-crafted jewelry creations for guys and gals that are made of genuine gemstones!

< - - Genuine Brazilian Amethyst Pendants... Each piece is an individual amethyst freeform crystal cluster that is vivid purple in color, an exquisite a one-of-a-kind piece, at a modest price.

The edges of the cluster have been delicately framed in 24kt gold electroplate they will withstand years of wear when worn over the neckline of your favorite outfit. The backside of the stone is smooth, toped off with an open bail, suitable to be worn as a necklace or as a pendant on a delicate gold chain, silk cord or ribbon. These sparkling pieces measuring approximately 1" wide by 1½" long, each will vary slightly in length and thickness because no two are exactly alike. Many of these we sell to skilled designers, to be handcrafted by their artisans, into a major part of their next jewelry project. These crystals were found inside of a hollow Brazilian amethyst geode (a rock) and sparkles naturally as if to have been faceted by a skilled craftsman.

SORRY pendants are all Sold out:
Geode Pendants
Sliced Agate Nodule
Agate Slice Gold Plated Pendant...Cut from beautiful small Brazilian agates (Sample shown enhanced to a beautiful ultra marine sea blue) also available as pendants in pink, green, yellow or orange sliced nodules with concentric banding or scenic swirls in a variety of shades within the interior. Delicately trimed in 24kt gold or silver electroplate, each thin sliced agate pendant measures approximately 2 - 3 inches long and 1 - 1� inches from side to side. Please remember we are dealing with nature and must allow for natural variations, as each piece will vary slightly in size and shape. Made to be worn as a pendant on a delicate chain, silk cord or ribbon. In stock and ships immediately.
NEW - - > Botswana Agate
These pendants are beautifully hand-cut of natural Botswana agate, banded in striking colors of cream, brown, gray, black and white and suspended from a silver bail.  Made to be worn as a pendant on a silver chain, silk cord or ribbon.
Sold Out
Sample of an Amber heart pendant.
Sold Out
Gemstone cross pendant.

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and is the February birthstone.

Delicate Silk Cord to wear any of the above items on, white (adjustable) or black.

Please remember we are dealing with nature's creations and must allow for natural variations.

Product availability & prices subject to change without notice.

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