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Lapidary Cutting Oil and more...

Rockhound Cutting Oil and Professional Lapidary supplies.  Photo shows Wesley's Trading Post own - WELL STOCKED Newport, warehouse showing just a portion of our large inventory of bulk abrasive grits or bulk polish for rock polishers, to lapidary cutting oil and supplies.  A northwest lapidary supplier stocking everything for the rockhound plus tools, supplies and equipment for lapidary, jewelry manufacturing and industrial applications. If you work on Jewelry, Stone, Glass, or Quartz, you need our products, In Stock and ships immediately.  To ensure availibility of your item, order as early as possible.  Click here to learn more about our abrasives and polish department!

Rock Cutting Oil Odorless!! Specially formulated lapidary cutting oil providing the greatest protection for your diamond lapidary saw blades and rock saws! The thin viscosity reduces friction and lubricates screw-feed mechanisms with a high flash point which makes this an ideal lapidary coolant for even the hardest stone, with absolutely no detectable odor and is kind to your skin.

Best BuyWe use this special grade of white mineral oil for all of our lapidary saws in our workshop. It does at least as good a job of cooling and lubricating as Pella oil, with an added benefit that your slabs don't have the nasty smell of Pella. Non-hazardous slab cutting mineral oil: 1 Gallon List Price $34.50 We sell for $29.50 (we do not ship by the gallon) only by the 5 Gallon Bucket In Stock - Buy it NOW! $139.00.

Due to random petroleum prices increases product availability & price subject to change without notice.

The following list of lapidary supplies and equipment is just a small sampling of what we have to offer In Stock and available for shipping.

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