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Gold Trimmed Nature Collection

Natural Gold Plated Jewelry...These natural creations of jewelry are made from actual items found in nature and plated in 24Kt gold that captures the natural beauty of the item that appeals to all who see it! These wonderful pieces will withstand years of wear when worn over the neckline of your favorite styles! Samples of Gold Trimmed Seashells.

< - - Rediscover your love of the sea, with these breathtaking 24K gold trimmed shells. They will be admired by all who see them worn as a necklace on a delicate silk cord or worn as a pendant on a gold chain. This assortment of small shells up to 1¼" in size is sold as a set of 12 (includes 2 samples each of 6 assorted varieties of shells) each as unique as the shells themselves. Status: Sorry NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Choose from gold plated:
Sand Dollar Pendants
Sold Out
Real Gold Plated Sand Dollars... are lavishly electroplated with genuine 24K gold. Available as gold plated sand dollar earrings: dangle style on hypoallergenic french wires, or as studs on clip-on earring backs. In Stock and Ships Immediately! shipping weight 2 ozs. $5.95. or sold separately as a charm to wear as a pendant to be worn on a gold chain around the neck. ...In Stock shipping weight 2 ozs. $3.50. These superbly crafted gifts from the sea will enchant you. A.K.A. The Holly Ghost Shell is one of natures most unsual specimens of marine life. Order NOW!
Geode Pendants
$5.00 ea.
Budget friendly gifts of jewelry under $10.00 Beautiful samples of gold or silver trimmed minicoco agate & geode sliced crystal pendants.  Select from these styles featured here, plus many other unique styles to choose from in our Newport, Oregon showroom.  We are open Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. year round, for your shopping pleasure! In Stock and ships immediately. Order NOW while supplies last!
Sold Out
Sharks Teeth Collection: Sample here shows two species of white (present day, modern, fresh, tiger) shark teeth pendants. These present day sharks teeth are trimed with 24K gold. Assortment of sizes (various species) up to 1 inch in size. In Stock Shipping weight 2 ozs. $3.50.  Order NOW
Gold Cones
$5.95 ea.
Gold Plated Pinecones (long style - out of stock) and Redwood cones these gifts from the forest are hand-dipped with thick layers of 24K gold coat. This assortment of small cones up to 1 inch in size represents the cycle of life to come. In Stock Shipping weight 2 ozs. $5.95. Order NOW while supplies last!

Delicate Satin Cord to wear any of the above items on, white (adjustable). In Stock shipping weight 2 ozs. $ .50 each.

Remember we are dealing with nature's creations, please anticipate natural variations.

Product availability & prices subject to change without notice.

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