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Wesley's  jewelry polisher perfect for those just getting started and for smaller items. Designed for years of trouble-free service and U.L. listed for safety. - Click here to order NOW

Now Available! Tumble polish your jewelry and PMC with our Jewelry Tumbling kit. This tumbling kit includes our most popular 3A single-barrel Lortone tumbler, one pound of mixed stainless steel shot and instructions for use in burnishing jewelry. This mixture is rust proof and has a highly polished surface jewelry mixture of flattened balls, diagonals and pins, just the right sizes and shapes for maximum coverage to ensure that your jewelry work gets burnished evenly. To be used with a burnishing soap or solution.

Our tumblers are designed for years of trouble-free service and U.L. listed for safety.

Jewelry Tumbling Kit #081-096    -   Lortone List Price $123.00. In Stock and ships immediately, Shipping weight 6 lbs. SAVE OVER $22.00! Buy it NOW only $99.50! Plus Shipping.

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Jewelers Mix - #592-037 -    Stainless Steel Shot, Jewelers Mix Tumbling Media, Highly polished shot mixture is a combination of three shapes: diagonal, round balls and pins. Each does a different job in burnishing metals to a mirror bright finish in the minimun amount of time. For almost all applications, it is the only shot combination you'll ever need. Stainless steel requires only occasional cleaning and gives great uniformity. Because it is stainless steel itis rust and corrosion resistant and able to stand up to strong compounds. One pound. To be used with a burnishing solution. -   Lortone List Price $29.50. In Stock and ships immediately, Shipping weight 2 lbs. Buy it NOW only $17.89! Plus Shipping.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Tumbling Shot Mix - #592-038 -    5 lbs. as above -   Lortone List Price $132.50. In Stock and ships immediately, Shipping weight 6 lbs. Buy it NOW only $88.50! Plus Shipping.

Standard use Add Tumbling Media: Put 1 to 2 lbs. Stainless Steel Shot mix in barrel which is approximately 30-40% shot by volume, the remainder of the load would be the items you want to polish. The load is covered with distilled water and your non-phosphate burnishing soap (add a couple of small drops of lemon Dawn dish soap) or compound. Run time will vary from 15 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the variety of metal i.e.: gold, silver, etc. and the extent of pre-finishing. Burnishing tips: Check the progress frequently, particularly with delicate pieces. DO NOT ALLOW THE LIQUID TO TURN DARK! Change as needed to avoid discoloration of your work. Large pieces may require higher ratio of media to the load and large flat areas may require longer running times. This 3 pound tumbler is perfect for those working with jewelry and precious metal clay, however if you need a smaller barrel for smaller runs we also offer the one and a half pound barrel to fit on this unit as well.

Product availability & prices are subject to change without notice.
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