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Lortone Vibrating Flat Laps

Were designed to polish flat surfaces such as slabs, geode halves, bookends, and clock faces. Lortone vibrating flat laps are built of a heavy steel frame construction, with rubber supported pans and cushioned adjustable feet. New improved style oscillating flat laps are available in 15" or 20" models...These machines come complete with two pans: an aluminum grinding pan and a separate polishing pan with its own polishing pad. Pans are easily removable for cleanup. Suggested sequence for polishing: starting with 220 medium grit, 400 and finer grit, then 600 pre-polish and finally tin oxide.

Choose from:
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15" or 20"
Now available Lortone(c) Oscillating flat laps are designed for polishing slabs, geode halves, bookends and other items where a flat surface is desired. Machines have a heavy steel frame construction and come with separate grinding and polishing pans. A smoothly sawed slab or geode can be ground and polished in 3-7 days. Order NOW!
Abrasive grit & polish for your lapidary needs!
Photo shows Wesley's Trading Post own - WELL STOCKED Newport, warehouse showing just a portion of our large inventory of bulk abrasive grits or bulk polish for rock tumblers, to lapidary cutting oil and supplies.  NOTE: Large container quanities are available 7 days a week.  A northwest supplier stocking everything for the rockhound plus tools, supplies and equipment for lapidary, jewelry manufacturing and industrial applications. If you work on Jewelry, Stone, Glass, or Quartz, you need our products, In Stock and ships immediately, Order NOW!
Durable Rock Tumblers Built To Last used by professionals and hobbyists alike. They all come complete with a tumbling instruction guide plus our own year round (7 days a week) customer support to make your rock tumbling a fun, fascinating, and educational hobby that can make a great gift as well.  Internet Special...all of our (1.5lb. - *15lb.) tumblers include not just a one-year limited warrantee by the manufacture, but Wesley's Trading Post NEW Extended Motor Warranty as well!  In Stock and ships immediately! Tumblers and tumbler supplies.
Diamond Rock Saws:
Complete line of rock saws for every budget! Rock Rascal and Authorized Lortone dealers of lapidary supplies, lapidary tools and lapidary equipment for your business or hobby. Lapidary equipment, diamond saws, slab and trim saws, diamond saw blades...

Sorry this style is DISCONTINUED and NO LONGER Available < - - Lortone(c) Vibrating Style Lap - is DISCONTINUED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE & OUT OF PRODUCTION as of spring 2009. Lortone's new innovative elastomer support system eliminates all of the old-fashioned lap parts - no more springs, balls or cables! The heavy gauge welded steel frame provides great stability and won’t walk around on the floor or bench.

Flat Lapping Tips - from Lortone, Start with a good cut. Nothing takes longer than trying to remove saw marks. Get your saw and blade tuned up and you will see a dramatic drop in your lapping times.

Use fresh grit. As the rocks grind down, the grit gets contaminated with rock dust and becomes less effective. By changing your grit every 4-8 hours you'll get maximum cutting efficiency.

Keep Everything Clean...We can't stress this enough. Any grit that is cariied over to a finer stage will cause scratches and prevent the stones from polishing. Make sure that there are no small rock chips or other items on the polish pad. Even household dirt can ruin an otherwise good finish. Keep your polish pan in a plastic bag.

Product avilibility & prices subject to change without notice.
New Lortone prices became effective as of July 1st, 2014!

Wesley's Trading Post is proud to be an authorized stocking dealer of quality products from: Lortone Inc, Equipment, Rock Tumblers, Diamond Pacific, Tools, Gemguides, Books and and other reputable distributers to bring you the right tools for the art of lapidary - something for every budget!

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