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Clear Acrylic Nautilus Displays

Museum Quality Display carry a wide array of display stands that are perfect for all your collectibles as presentation is everything when displaying your cherished collectable sea shells. The following innovative display will aid you in safely exhibiting all your collectables whether they are large or small yet providing maximum support without distracting from your shell. You will find these and many styles and sizes to choose from and priced to please!

To ensure availibility of your item, order as early as possible! Our selection of displays are not limited to displaying sea shells, but rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites, geodes, spheres, and crystals -- they are stands that are perfect for all your collectibles. These are just a few samples of the basic displays we offer.

Clear Acrylic: Nautilus Cradle
A. Nautilus
As sceen above these tapered cup displays securely hold nautilus shells in a natural position.  In Stock for immediate shipping. Order NOW!
B. Inverted
Simple angled display holds an inverted nautilus or abalone shell.
C. Nautilus
This small clip holds a nautilus by the edge of the shell; recommended for small natural shells only. NOT FOR PEARLIZED!
D. Lucite
� Nautilus
Excellent for a Nautilus shell of 1� inch thick or less.
Nautilus Shell Displays
    Item SKU# - Description H x W x D Price    
    A - J-FL 1 - Nautilus Cradle for a shell less than 5" 1 5/8" 2 3/8" 2 5/8" $3.15      
    A - J-FL 2 - Nautilus Cradle for shell size 5"-7" 2 3/8" 2 3/4" 3 5/8" $3.50      
Inverted Shell Display (holds an inverted nautilus or abalone shell)
    B - J-46 - Inverted Shell Display 5�" 2�" 4" N/A      
The clip holds a small nautilus by the edge of the shell
(We would not recommended this clip for pearlized or extra large shells)
    C J-N3 Nautilus Clip 3/8" 2 ¼" 2 3/8" $1.75      
    D - V-310 - � Nautilus shell Display 2 ½" 3" 2 ½" $8.75      

The above items are currently in stock unless noted otherwise. Order NOW!

Internet orders under $20.00 are subject to a $2.00 min order charge.

We stock many different styles and sizes of display stands to safely display your special colectables. These are just a few samples of the basic displays we offer.

Product availability & price subject to change without notice.

Lighted Display Boxes or Turntables    |     Specialty displays for: Shells  etc.  |  Acrylic for rounded or uneven bottoms (marbles - eggs - spheres - geodes - coral - paperweights etc.)  |     Competition Mineral Specimen Display Blocks:    |  Classy Acrylic & Brass displays for: Shells  Minerals and Fossils .  |  Small easels  (coins - cabs - slabs - etc.)   | Heavy Duty easels made to hold large heavy slabs - fossils - minerals - pictures etc. some are wall mount too!    | Solid Brass   Display stands: Plain or fancy for collectibles & assorted needs    |     Wood Display stands : for slabs or hard to fit items such as small marbles to large glass Japanese fishing floats, etc.    |     Wrought Iron Display stands: Heavy duty for fossils, etc.    |     Devine Helping Hands: excellent for displaying wholistic gems, small spheres, crystals, cards, flowers, jewelry and more...

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