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Refill Packages for Large Rock Polishers

A Wesley's Trading Post EXCLUSIVE: Lortone's most versatile and practical QT 12/66 Combo Rock Tumbler: with twin 6 lb. barrels plus the 12 lb. barrel for larger loads. In Stock and Ships Immediately!

Wesley's Rock Tumbler/Polisher KIT PLUS...Best Buy! Includes: the Wesley's Trading Post "basic" 3- step stone finishing kit tumbling with all the following media:
8 lbs. - 60/90 Silicon Carbide course grit.
8 lbs. - 120/220 Silicon Carbide med-fine grit.
4 lbs. - Tripoli Polish. to grind and polish about 100 pounds of agate, jasper, petrified wood and other hard stones.
20#-XL/QT - Extra Large Kit Plus 3 Step Refill Package - includes shipping* In Stock and ships immediately. Shipping weight 21 lbs. - Buy it NOW and SAVE!  Just $92.00.

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Blow out Sale
Samples of Wesley's Trading Post Oregon Jasper for Tumbling Overstock Blowout SALE.
Samples of Wesley's Trading Post Carnelian Agate rough, from Oregon. In Stock for immediate shipping.
Photo of Professional Gemstone Tumbling, Guide-book - In Stock and Ships Immediately, $4.50 Order it NOW!
built to last...
Tumblers and polishers built to last!.

Best BuyExtra Large Four Step Media Refill Pack: (refill package as described above plus) Silicon Carbide 500 and finer grit Pre-polish 4 - 2 lb. pkgs. Status: In Stock and ships immediately, Shipping weight 30 lbs. Refill Package 28#XL/QT - Internet Special...$145.00. To order NOW! **Includes shipping for this kit.

Photo shows wet samples (with a nickel for scale), of assorted water worn colorful Oregon seaside jasper cobbles with petrified wood, as they would appear in an aquarium or as tumbled and polished.  Rough specimens may have a glassy, waxy or even dull appearance until wet or polished (colors were naturally induced by nature thru the presence of iron oxides).  NOTE: We rarely ever find any sizable quantities of this quality on the beaches any more.  Each stone is unique, please allow for natural variations.< - - Overstock Blowout SALE...Shop early and SAVE! We have hand picked these seashore cobbles, to insure you of an excellent variety, ranging in color from solids to multi colored/patterns: of muted earth tones to exceptionally brilliant and rich fiery reds, golden yellows, some lots may even include some green jasper and possibly some petrified wood. Sizes will range from over an inch and larger to fist sized of which yield attractive results when used as lapidary cutting rough for making cabs for jewelry or tumbled and polished using one of our (6 pound or larger) rock tumblers, sold separately. We would normally offer this exquisite quality for $5.00 a pound but due to lack of space we are offering these in 20-pound lots, while they last. Quantities are limited to available stock on hand once they are gone that's it!
#20-SOJ - Assorted Premium Oregon Jasper - Large 20 pound lots. In Stock and ships immediately. Shipping weight 26 lbs. $75.00 includes shipping* Buy it NOW and SAVE $36.50 on each lot!

Need a 2 lb package of Grit or Polish, a book or tumbler motor drive belt with this today?
Ask us to see if your additional purchase may possibly ship FREE with this special jasper offer!
*Must ship as one APO shipment or domestic parcel to one address, however size limitations may apply.

Product availability & prices are subject to change without notice.
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