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Northwest Books & Maps
for the Agate Hunter and Cutter

NEW books for Geology: Travel : United States : Regions : West : Pacific. The following books are just a few of the current ones we presently stock. They are in Stock and ship immediatey to impart valuable information for those interested in gem cutting and gem hunting in the great northwest.
Best Buy Gem Trails of WASHINGTON by Romaine.   This premier guide for rockhounds features over 75 of the best Gem, Fossil and Mineral locals. This is the first comprehensive collecting guide of its kind for the Evergreen State, Gem Trails of Washington covers all four corners of the state, from the misty shores of the Olympic peninsula to dust-dry ghost towns and abandoned mines near Metaline Falls. Washington's diverse geology, ranging from fossil-rich Cambrian locales to seams of agate and jasper amid recent basalt flows, is explored in great detail. Clearly written . Contains over 100 maps and photos.  Softcover 218 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 1 lb. $14.95
Roadside Geology of IDAHO   by Alt.   A practical and informative travel companion  to the state's  geological  terrain  following the interstate highway system, complete  with photos, diagrams, and glossary. Softcover 393 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 2 lbs.
Audubon Field Guide to NORTH AMERICAN ROCKS &  MINERALS by Chesterman.  A  comprehensive vinyl bound index with seven hundred ninety-four color plates that are crossed referenced to detailed descriptions of field patterns and rock locations.   Softcover 850 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 2 lbs. $19.95
The Wonders of North American AGATES by Lynch.  NEW Few places produce as many significant varieties of agates as the entire continent of North American. This book features more than 60 of the most famous, valuable and rarest agates from Canada,the United States and Mexico. It is an excellent collection of facts and color photos presented in a casual, easy-to-read format. Softcover: 144 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 2 lbs. $14.95
PROFESSIONAL GEMSTONE TUMBLING  - revised edition - by Lortone. A well documented STEP- BY- STEP Guide to Tumbling Gemstones includes all the grit and polish recipes for all size tumblers! Softcover 20 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 6 ozs.
ROCKS AND FOSSILS   by Bramwell.  An excellent companion for the earth science student, not in any way condescending to the amateur!  Fascinating  with well detailed diagrams & illustrated in full color, helps explain the geological processes that have formed the earth, rocks, minerals, gems, crystals,  and fossils.  Also shows how: to collect and identify samples, polish pebbles, make fossil casts and grow your own crystals.  Ages 10 to ADULTS TOO!.  Softcover 31 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 8 ozs. $6.99
Product avilibility & prices subject to change without notice. 
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