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Essential Books & Maps
for the Agate Collector and Cutter

We carry the largest Selection of NEW books for Geology related: Travel : United States : Regions : West : Pacific Northwest : Oregon . The following books are just a few of the current ones we presently stock. Status: They are In Stock and will ship immediately unless signified otherwise, to impart valuable information for those interested in gem cutting and gem hunting in Oregon and the great northwest.

We make rockhounding EASY with the largest Selection of Regional Books and Maps for the novice or experienced craftsman on lapidary and nature related subjects, bringing you the best of Oregon and the northwest.< - - Gem Trails of Oregon - by Romaine, From pine-covered mountains to barren deserts and coastal beaches, this completely revised edition features over 100 of Oregon's best rock, mineral and fossil collecting sites � including 40 completely new locations throughout the state.  Color and black and white photos highlight collecting areas and the specimens found there.  Complete with New GPS coordinates, road difficulty ratings, tools required, nearby camping and local attractions, best collecting season. Softcover 272 pages.

This book was just published January of 2009. Softcover 272 pages. Status: In Stock and ships immediately, weight 1 lb. Get Yours NOW! Only $16.95. Plus Shipping.

CLIENTS COMMENTS..."Gem Trails of Oregon Reads like a novel I don't want to put it down. Garret, the author actually personally checked out these sites for you with accurate easy to follow directions. A great way for the family to enjoy the beauty of Oregon's many rocks and minerals. This issue of Gem Trails of Oregon is an indispensable guidebook for the Oregon rockhound, and definately outshines the previous books. Good job Garret! "
         Waldport, OR

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this guide tells it ALL! This comprehensive, Easy-to-use pocket guide shows 60+ of Oregon's geological wonders found on the inland trail.  This best seller is in stock for immediate shipping.  Buy it NOW and SAVE!< - - OREGON UNDER FOOT - by Myers.  - this invaluable color guide was developed as an illustrated aid in finding, identifying, and making use of the Oregon gemstones.  Accurate photos showing 60+ varieties of agate, jasper, opal, and related gems in the rough, as well as in the cut and polished state for identification purposes. Useful to collectors, throughout Oregon: of the interior trails of central Oregon and eastern Oregon alike. Simple yet complete, perfect for children or adults, and sized to fit in your pocket! Softcover 15 pages. Makes a great companion book for the above GEM TRAILS OF OREGON.   In Stock immediate shipping, weight 2 ozs. $6.95. Buy it NOW!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this guide tells it ALL! This comprehensive, Easy-to-use with simple descriptions this full color illustrated guide of the what, where, when, and how to collecting agate, jasper, fossils, and petrified wood commonly found along the Pacific Coastline is ideal for the novice or experienced collector of all ages and abilities.  Just the book to identify your finds by just placing your dry rocks over the color example photos.  This best seller is in stock for immediate shipping.  Buy it NOW and SAVE! AGATES OF THE OREGON COAST An illustrated guide of information on agate, jasper, fossils and petrified wood commonly found on the Oregon Coast - by Myers - Now Available. Amazingly accurate! Just take your dry stones and lay them over the photos to identify them. Learn about the best known varieties and new to this printing are the oversites from the previous books, the stunning uncommon colors and varieties of agate to be found that would also include the enhydro (water agates), also a special section of agatized fossils, petrified wood, and fossils that may be found among the cobbles along the Pacific coastline. This color-illustrated guide gives tips on how to find beach agates from the border of California to Washington, read about the likely locales where these agates might be found . If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book says it ALL! The back cover alone has three illustrations showing the agates as they are found, of both wet and dry conditions, plus the third identifying what you see in the two color photos. Inside accurate color photos with descriptive text identifies the agate and jaspers plus petrified wood which means the difference between passing over a perfectly wonderful specimen of carnelian agate, colorful jasper or collectible blueblacks a.k.a. Oregon blues (they are actually beautiful black agates), rather than the basalt or "just another rock". With this book you can become the next best thing to an expert on Oregon agates. Softcover 15 pages, sized to fit in your pocket NEW third edition $6.95. Buy it NOW!

Photo shows our Oregon Coastal Beachcombers Package, plus the Glass Floats (no longer available) A Field Guide for collecting on Oregon beaches: includes the detailed autographed handbook of fossils and the companion guide with full color photos for identification of what you are likely to find ship as one parcel! In Stock for immediate shipping.  Buy it NOW and SAVE! < - - FOSSIL SHELLS FROM WESTERN OREGON A Guide to Identification - by Moore (autographed copies). This book will appeal to residents of Oregon, tourists, and students alike! Common fossil shells are pictured with annotated photographs alongside a description of their distinguishing characters. Fossiliferous rock formations are briefly described, and maps show their geographic occurrence near western Oregon towns. Eight detailed excursions by car give an illuminating overview of the geology of western Oregon. This book, with a comprehensive bibliography and index, is a must for the intellectually curious. Softcover 131 pages. In Stock immediate shipping, weight 1 lb. $12.00. Buy it NOW!

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