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Cratex Rubber Abrasives

Cratex Grit Textures - Each Cratex size and shape is made in four standard Grit Textures or compositions which differ in accordance with the mesh size of the abrasive grain used. [C] COARSE (Green) [M] MEDIUM (Dark Brown) [F] FINE (Reddish Brown) [XF] EXTRA FINE (Grey Green).

Best Buy To order: Specify Part No. and Grit Texture, C,M,F or XF. Example: 11-M

Cratex rubber abrasive products can be mounted on conventional portable motor tools and used on a broad list of deburring, smoothing and polishing applications. Cratex rubberized abrasives are typically used for final finishing of ferrous metals, titanium and glass. They are available in wheels (from 3/8 of an inch in diameter, up to 1 inch in diameter) as polishing accessories for use with your dremel tool or foredom unit.
Maximum Safes Speed 25,000 Revolutions Per Minute. Best results are usually obtained at 30% to 80% of Maximum Safe Speed. Use a light work pressure.

Choose from the following assorted Abrasives:
Cratex tapered wheels for smoothing and polishing.
Cratex small wheels shapes excellent for overall smoothing and polishing to refine surfaces.
Points or
Cratex bullet shapes perfect for smoothing and polishing hard to reach surfaces!
ZIP a.k.a. ZAM Buffing Compound sold as a one pound cylinder (List Price $9.95) a must for any bench, allowing you to polish most all metals, or softer stones, epoxies and plastics to a final high luster with no residue.  Initial surfaces should be prepared with Tripoli or White diamond.  Use with tight-weave muslin wheels.  Mildly abrasive.

Cratex Small Wheels - Tapered Edge

Cratex Small WheelsCratex Shaped wheels have a tapered edge which makes them exceptionally versatile for fine work on small and delicate parts...ideal for polishing, cleaning out and finishing decorative and intricate designs.
Dimensions in inches
Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole Part No. Available Grit Texture

3/8 3/32 1/16 1 [C] COARSE or [XF] EXTRA FINE

Cratex Small Wheels - Straight Edge

smwheel2.jpg (1990 bytes)Crates Small Straight Wheels can be mounted on conventional portable motor tools and used on a broad list of deburring, smoothing and polishing applications. They can be used on countless operations requiring absolute control of metal removal such as in micro-deburring, relieving stress concentration areas and polishing away fatigue lines, scratches and other surface defects. Ideal for work on dies, molds, instruments, control mechanisms, electronic parts, jewelry, aerospace components, plastic articles, light castings, models, and super sensitive scientific devices.

Dimensions in inches
Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole Part No. Grit Texture

5/8 1/4 1/16 59 [F] FINE

7/8 3/16 1/16 76 [C] COARSE
1/4 1/16 79 [M] MEDIUM

1 1/4 1/16 88 [XF] EXTRA FINE

Cratex Bullets

rubpoint.gif (12859 bytes)Cratex Shaped points are made in both cylinder and bullets shapes...for smoothing and polishing hard to reach surfaces...grooves, ball corners, holes, clasps, spirals, flutes, and edges. They are widely used for polishing molds, dies, patterns and light castings; for cleaning contact points, solder spots and for relieving stress, micro-deburring, and damaskeening.
Dimensions in inches
Shape Length Diameter Arbor Hole Part No. Grit

Cylinder 1/2 1/4 1/16 4 [F] FINE

Bullet 1 9/32 1/16 8 [F] FINE

Minimum combined merchandise order totaling $20.00 or $2 service charge will be imposed on all orders under $20
Normal shipping charges apply to all orders.
Status: Out of Stock
Product subject to availability & price subject to change without notice.

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