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BigFoot Gem-Maker

The Diamond Pacific Big Foot - All the parts and accessories shown in (figure A) can be stowed away in the sliding water pan on the bottom, the storage drawer in the front (figure B) and the extra wheel cabinet on the right side (figure C) to make a compact, ready to go package (figure D). (Trim saw, templates dop sticks and stones not included.)  - Order NOW!< - - BigFoot means big storage...Compact and ready to go the very portable BigFoot can keep everything together in one place. Only 12 inches wide by 11 deep by 6¼" high! (Stores even smaller at 12" x 6¼" x 6¼"). Requiring no special hook-ups or plumbing, so it can easily be used in your RV, at shows to do cabbing demonstrations or wherever space is limited and a standard 110V outlet is available. Today many of our clients use them while they are on the road in their RV or have them in a spare bedroom when they live in an apartment and there is no problem disturbing them or their neighbors. Well encased in a housing of tough A.B.S. plastic (The same material as the Genie hoods and pans.)

All the parts and accessories shown in (figure A) can be stowed away in the sliding water pan on the bottom, the storage drawer in the front (figure B) and the extra wheel cabinet on the right side (figure C) to make a compact, "ready to go" package (figure D). (Trim saw, templates dop sticks and stones not included.)

BigFoot Gem Maker comes with two 2 3/8" x 1" Galaxy Wheels (80 and 220 grit), four 2 3/8" x 1" Nova Wheels (280, 600, 1200 and 3000 grit); two Nova wheel adaptors, one 4" canvas pad, 2 gram syringe 14,000 diamond compound, halogen lamp, cab rest, full size Spray Mist coolant system and variable speed DC motor using 115 V/60Hz current.

Best Buy #500-BF-105 - Big Foot Gem-Maker - Special order, Ideal portable cabbing unit for a compatible operation with your normal home life! Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping weight 16 lbs. NEW List price $1299.00. Buy it NOW and SAVE! Only $1179.00. Plus Shipping.

Other features:
Big Foot has it's own storage Drawer for tucking away your dop sticks, stones, etc.
Storage Drawer
The Big Foot provides it's own storage cabinet for extra wheels and adaptor.
Storage for extra wheels and adaptor
You won't believe the efficiency of the Big Foot's size and space.  It wasn't easy to squeeze most of the capabilities of a Genie into a machine the size of a shoebox, 12 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches, but that's the BIG FOOT.  Here it is all buttoned up to carry off with its own carry handle for storage or travel convenience.
All buttoned up for storage or travel
Big Foot shown here with the optional saw attachment in place.  The saw blade is bolted to the wheel shaft.  The saw table fits neatly in the water pan.
Optional saw

Check out these BigFoot features:

  • Uses six 2-3/8" Galaxy and Nova wheels, in our standard sequence. You can grind and polish with ease using these diamond wheels.  
  • Four wheels are mounted at once: for wide (1-1/8") wheel spacing, with the rapid (no tools required) wheel change feature found on the Genie.
  • Uses Diamond Pacific standard Spra-Mist coolant system providing plenty of water to the wheels.
  • Special pans for using Magnetic Novas are included so you can polish flats on the right hand side of your BigFoot. Four inch Magnetic Novas and the proper back plate are sold separately...#501 -ADP-BFR-105 - Nova Wheel Adaptor for mounting extra Nova Wheels, Shipping weight 1 lb. Buy it NOW $49.50. Plus Shipping.

    #501 -BFSP-1 1/8" - Nova Spacers Use these spacers when using extra Nova Wheel adaptor. Spacers are 1 1/8" wide with 1" AH. Shipping weight 6 ozs. Buy them NOW $5.75. Plus Shipping.

  • Has a variable speed control on a quiet, premium quality D.C. motor. You get plenty of power for the job.
  • Big foot has a 5/8-inch diameter stainless steel shaft with rubber-mounted, sealed, ball bearings at each end for long life and quiet operation.
  • A halogen lamp is standard equipment, giving you plenty of light right on your work area.
  • Turn your Big Foot into a 4-inch trim saw with this attachment.  Trim Saw attachment comes complete with saw table, blade adaptor and 4 inch sintered diamond saw blade.

    Trim saw attachment is sold separately...Mounting a 4" saw blade is quick and easy, comes with 4" x .014 x 5/8" diamond saw blade adaptor and saw table. #500-BFS-105 - Trim Saw Attachment, Shipping weight 2 lbs. Buy it NOW $130.00. Plus Shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: This unit ships directly from the factory, therefore any orders shipped to a California address must be charged California Sales Tax.

Product availability & prices are subject to change without notice.

Diamond Pacific Cabbing units: sizes vary from small to large size cabbing units:  |  The Pixie    |   the more versitale Genie which is the most popular grinding and polishing unit on the market today!    |   Our larger unit the Titan is best for heavy production work    |  
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