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What you should know about fine jewelry:

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  • Sapphire

    © JA Colored Gemstones Sapphire - Photo: Robert Weldon, Professional Jeweler Magazine Bright and Brilliant... Long considered the ultimate blue gemstone, sapphire’s mood swings from the coolest and quietest shades to the most vibrant and lusty blues imaginable. And sapphire doesn’t stop there. You’ll discover some sapphires - often referred to as fancy sapphires because they aren’t blue - in shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow, gold and green, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues that shout with excitement. Varied and versatile - the choice is yours!

    Sapphire, the celestial gemstone long associated with the sky and the heavens, has been revered by humanity for thousands of years. Symbolizing truth, honesty and faithfulness, sapphire is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry given as a gift of love. As with most gemstones, the finest sapphires, no matter their color, are a vibrant hue with a medium tone. Extremely dark, almost black sapphires and extremely pale sapphires are among the most affordable. When shopping for a sapphire, let your own personal taste guide you.

    Sapphire is the birthstone for September.

    An important historical source of fine quality sapphire is the Kashmir district of India in the Himalayas. Current sources include Australia, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States.

    Almost all sapphire on the market today has been heat treated to improve its appearance. Heat-enhanced sapphire is very stable.

    Sapphire is hard and durable. Sapphires can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, any commercial jewelry cleaner or plain soap and water using a soft brush. Be sure to rinse and dry your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning.

    Photo: Robert Weldon, Copyright Professional Jeweler Magazine
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