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Detailed Maps to Gems or Ghost Towns

NEW maps for Geology: Travel : United States : Regions : West : Pacific Northwest. The following maps are just a few of the current ones we presently stock. List Price $12.95 and will ship immediately to impart valuable information for those interested in ghost towns or gem hunting in the west and the great northwest.

A NEW series of maps which was designed for the weekend prospector, rock hound or outdoor enthusiast.

Photo shows some of our Historical Gem maps - part of the series which show gold and gem deposits share the secrets of prospecting and mining in this collection - for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and California.  Also available as the Ghost Town series.  In Stock - Order NOW - for Immediate shipping!  To ensure availibility of your item, order as early as possible. < - - GOLD/SILVER & GEM MAPS - Then and Now - by Preston, Compiler. Keys to localities show prospectors where to find gold, silver, opals, garnet and much more. This innovative and richly detailed map series shows changes to gold & gem fields over the last 100 years in the states of Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Choose from ... Arizona Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now, California Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now, Northern Edition, California Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now Southern Edition, Colorado Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now, Utah Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now, Nevada Gold & Gem maps, Then & Now ... Clearance priced Subject to stock on hand immediate shipping, weight 1 lb. $11.00 each package. Buy them NOW! Plus Shipping.

GHOST TOWN/SITES - Then and Now - by Preston, Compiler Like the above series of maps, these maps show changes to ghost towns and other sites of historic interest (early towns, roads and forts) over the last 100 years. Each map package includes current overlay maps of the state along with antique turn-of-the-century maps of the same areas for easy comparison.

Choose from ... Arizona Ghost Towns/Sites, Then & Now, California Ghost Towns/Sites, Then & Now Northern Edition, Colorado Ghost Towns/Sites, Then & Now, Nevada Ghost Towns/Sites, Then & Now ... Clearance priced Subject to stock on hand immediate shipping, weight 1 lb. $11.00 each package. Buy them NOW! Plus Shipping.

Using Map Overlays

The overlay, which is included with the maps, have been reproduced from a modern map. The purpose is to show the changes in the state over a period of 100 years. Place names may appear in the older map which are absent on the current map. Some of the locations may have been early stage stations, mining camps, ranches or early town sites later abandoned.

The different locations noted in boundaries, landmarks and place names are evident. Being aware of the difficulties encountered by the early surveyors, due to lack of knowledge and primitive equipment, we understand the errors.

As shown in the photos:
1. Locate a site on the map.
2. Place the overlay on the map.
3. Place a pointer on the site - insert a white card between the map and overlay and the site will be located on the modern road system.

Accuracy and scale of the maps are not guaranteed, however, one may locate a general area of interest with this technique.

Designed By:
Myers Design Labs
Newport, Oregon

Created June 1999

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Gem & Mineral Gallery
All Rights Reserved

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