Fossil Cave Bear Specimins on Display

Photo of  a Cave Bear Paw


CONTACT: Richard Petrovic, Gallery Owner

Prepared March 15, 2002

These fossilized paws are most likely from a Ursus spelaeus, a Cave Bear which lived in Europe during the Pleistocene era. The name Cave Bear was derived from the fact that they lived in caves. Cave bears used caves for many purposes: they lived there in winter, gave birth to the young and died in caves by the maximum age of 20 years.

The cave bear was a very large herbivore. His food was herbs, grass, berries and the honey of wild bees. But sometimes he hunted small animals with these well-developed claws, which were useful for capturing and holding down prey.

Richard Petrovic owner/Gemologist of FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery in Newport was very fortunate to be able to acquire a pair of these rare fossilized bear paws and a few claws from Romania. The FACETS team traveled for nearly five weeks bringing back many treasures from various parts of the world this year for public viewing and sale. These pieces and more are on display now for sale at FACETS, in Newport.

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Date: 15 -March -2002