"Treasures Under The Sand" takes Best of Show


CONTACT: Richard Petrovic, Gallery Owner

Prepared July 13, 2001

Recently, the Oregon Coast Agate Club, presented the Best of Show Trophy for a guest display to "TREASURES UNDER THE SAND" which was a collaborative effort presented by FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery of Newport, featuring The Oregon Coast Magazine's July/August 2001 cover story of the same name. This issue is on sale now at most retail outlets now throughout Oregon.

The story and the photos were by local geologist Roger D. Hart referring to the strong waves of the winters of 1998-2000 that uncovered many geological treasures that had been buried for thousands of years. NOTE: That period of time may have easily been the best time for beachcombing in more than 20 years. Hart, whose recent studies of buried coastal forest that attracted national media attention is a marine geologist at OSU, has taught classes on the geology of the Oregon Coast at the Oregon Coast Community College and the Hatfield Marine Science Center at South Beach, in Newport.

The geological collection of rocks and fossils referred to in the article and displayed for this exhibit is the collection of FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery, which was also augmented by other items found in the Newport area during these storms.

FACETS may be able to suggest beaches for you to hunt that you too may discover treasures as well! Remember when you are in a foreign land check with the natives. For those looking for natural treasures of nature, check with FACETS for a wide selection of maps and field guides too. One of the latest items of interest to collectors is the newly released collection of Ghost Towns/Sites, Then and Now for Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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GHOST TOWN Maps Now Available

Picture of the Historical Gem maps - part of the series which show gold and gem deposits share the secrets of prospecting and mining in this collection - for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona and California.  In Stock - Order NOW - for Immediate shipping!

"Historical maps - Ghost Town and Ghost Sites
for Oregon, Washington and Idaho
Then and Now"
add to the "Gold and Gem Maps" collection

CONTACT: Richard Petrovic, Gallery Owner

Revised September 30, 2006

This series of maps for Ghost Town and Ghost Sites of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Northern and Southern California which was designed for you to rediscover, is now available locally at FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery in Newport. Hopefully this most recent packet of information which includes five-six, double-sided maps per state will be a valuable tool in your effort. With the aid of the overlay of the modern road system one may locate a favorite site of 100 years ago and find it on the road system today.

The historic maps used in these publications have been reproduced from authentic documents. The basis for the selection was age, quality and completeness of information. However, errors may become evident as the comparison of 100 years is displayed under the overlay of the modern road system. Knowing the adverse conditions under which the early surveyors labored, errors and incomplete works is understood. However it is the readers responsibility of knowing the rules when searching on private, State and Federal lands. Remember violation of rules is in poor judgement.

This collection joins the Gold and Gem Maps which was designed for the weekend prospector, rock hound or outdoor enthusiast, which has been available locally at FACETS, showing the gold, silver and gem deposits of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Northern and Southern California of "then and now".

These map packages have been compiled by R. N. Preston who has been an avid collector of old maps for 30 years. Previous publications are Oregon Gold and Gems, Old Map Atlas' of Early Oregon, Early Idaho, Early Washington and Early Kansas, An Historical Atlas.

For gem collectors, historical buffs or people interested in knowing more about the Pacific Northwest's history, Preston's maps are a must-have. All six sets are currently available through FACETS. The maps' are $12.95 each. For more information or to order the series of historical maps, see FACETS website at

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Dinosaur Eggs on Display

FACETS employee Bobby with Dinosaur egg, Photo by News Times


CONTACT: Richard Petrovic, Gallery Owner

Prepared February 14, 2001

The female dinosaur strained to relieve herself of her cargo of eggs oblivious to the catastrophic event about to take place. The area she had chosen for her nest was in the shadow of an active volcano grumbling and groaning, announcing the inevitable. The eggs were eventually buried under a thick layer of fine ash. A following rain hardened the ash entoumbing the eggs in a concrete-like mass. All of this took place in China approximately 100 million years ago. Surface erosion eventually uncovered the nest allowing Chinese paleontologist to excavate the site and bring the eggs to light.

These dinosaur eggs are most likely from hadrosaur-type dinosaurs (duckbills). Most hadrosaurs laid their eggs in nests of a dozen or more eggs. Usually, hatching and scavenging damaged the nests, obliterating any trace of the eggs that remained. Occasionally, some eggs survived predators and the elements, and eventually became fossils. Because of their delicate nature, intact eggs are very rare in the fossil record. Dinosaur eggs that retain their original shape and showing traces of the eggshell are some of the most collectible fossils in the world.

Richard Petrovic owner/Gemologist of FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery in Newport was very fortunate to be able to acquire several of these rare fossilized eggs again this year for public viewing and sale.

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Date: 13-July-2001