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Rough Rocks for Polishing

Click here to see a better close up of samples showing of our small size naturally tumbled nodules of Oregon Agate and Jasper Mix, excellent tumbling rough rock for 1-3 pound rock tumblers, In Stock and Ships Immediately, Order NOW!   We are also interested in buying EXISTING collections of Oregon agate, from 5 pounds to 200 pounds or more of preferably reasonable quality beach agates.  Let us know if you have any good agates for sale, we are always interested!Over the years we have obtained several 40 + year old estate collections that are now available for sale. There is more to these collections than we will ever get around to cutting in a lifetime! Most all of the material had not even been cleaned or sorted. This winter we finally took the time to go thru it all and tossing out the junk material to cull out the salable material. We are therefore saving out just a few pieces for ourselves and offering out the entire remaining lots for sale. Some stones were dug out of the earth for cutting material while others were gathered from stream beds or along the ocean shores for tumbling material.

Best Buy For those of you looking for something for your tumbler: we all learned to walk before we learned to run so endeavor to start with something easy for the first batch, like water worn beach agates, jasper & or petrified wood. Stones that tumble most easily with the best results are water-worn stones that nature has pre-shaped. Leave the Apache Tears, obsidian, garnets, amethyst, Petoskey stones and mixed material until later.

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Samples of the Oregon State Gemstone - Oregon Sunstone.
Samples of Carnelian Agate rough, from Oregon. In Stock for immediate shipping.
Samples of Apache Tears
Photo of Professional Gemstone Tumbling, Guide-book - In Stock and Ships Immediately, $4.50 Order it NOW!
we carry...
Tumblers and polishers built to last!.

Excellent Tumbling Rough Oregon Agate & Jasper Mix

This tumbling mix will make a great gift for the rock hound, to produce beautiful pebbles for: jewelry making, fountains, garden, aquarium, lamps or other home decor. These stones are a 7 in hardness, (therefore they will tumble well together) and take on a nice polish!

You must start with good material to get good results. Mixing rough, fractured, hammer broken material with comparatively smooth beach cobbles or preformed materials will complicate the operation. Our small size mix is suitable for earrings to pendant size pieces, excellent for all your craft needs!

Assorted Rocks to Tumble... Oregon Agate and Jasper - 3 pound parcels consisting of water worn (NOT hammer broken) cobbles of agate, jasper and petrified wood (as available) - small to large size mixtures are the perfect tumbling material for a balanced tumbler load!

Sale limited to stock on-hand. This rough is available in different sizes - please specify size of tumbler to be used and choose from the following 3 sizes:
Small - (as shown above) rocks up to 1" in size is perfect for a small 1½ or the 3 pound rock tumbler or polisher.
Medium 2" and smaller for the 4½ pound rock tumbler.
Large for 6 pound rock tumblers and larger.

Best Buy Assorted Rocks to Tumble - 3 lbs. Oregon Agate and Jasper - Sorry SOLD OUT

Click to Check out these agates of the Oregon Coast recently found around Newport Click to Check us out on Facebook

Product subject to availability limited to stock on hand.
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