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Natural Sapphire Crystals

Click here to enlarge image of these Natural Blue gray Sapphire Crystals, as shown in Gold plated caliper stand: largest 22.00, small $2.75 and tabular specimen on the bottom $5.85.  Stands are sold separetly plus many other unique specimens to choose from in our Newport, Oregon showroom.  We are open Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. year round, for your shopping pleasure! < - - Natural sapphire... corundum crystals are the birthstone for September. These crystals are are opaque natural light blue-grey in color, ranging in length from 3/8" to 1 3/8". Exhibiting the typical hexagonal growth habit, they are impressive as natural specimens (not faceting grade).

Samples shown of these Sapphire Crystals, from India are displayed in our 24K Gold plated brass crescent shaped caliper stands: largest specimen $22.00, small $3.00 and tabular specimen on the bottom $5.85. Stands are sold separetly.

Sapphire Crystals: hardness 9
Available:  aprox. size & weights - Price
13 pcs.
3.1 grams
$ 3.00 ea.
5 pcs.
4.4 grams
$ 3.25 ea.
9 pcs.
5.9 grams
$ 4.00 ea.
3 pcs
27 grams
$21.00 ea.
3 pcs.
29 grams
$22.00 ea.
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& choose from:
Text Book Classic -  Pyrites of Navajún...from Lorongo Spain are truly sculptures by Nature. Although pyrites are relatively abundant in nature, where they can be found either in a massive or crystallized form, it is not common to find crystals full finished with the perfection and shine as these cubical forms found in matrix of gray marl. These pieces are of great value (approximately 120 million years old) that has been commercialized for collecting since the sixties. Attracted by the singular perfection of these crystals they appear in prestigious collections worldwide, including the Smithsonian. The size variation and shape of each crystal group constitute a work of art, as with each specimen of crystals they are totally different from each other. Available from $25.00 to $300.00 each. 
Due to the delicate nature of the Pyrites (this mineral is hard but fragile) each piece is very carefully packaged with its own descriptive label  In Stock for immediate shipping. Order NOW!
Fossil: Sharks Tooth pendant, choose from sharks teeth jewelry and or specimens.
Exotic Fossil Shells: Samples of Shells from Bordeau, France.
Natural pink Stylaster Coral.
Light boxes & accessories...
Stands available: lucite, brass and wood. For all your decorator needs!
& more...
Over 70 book titles are all stocked to ship immediately for the novice to the experienced, hobby or trade

Ordering procedure: Be sure to specify your preference of size range, submit funds telling us how many crystals you would like and we will select the crystals based upon the funds submitted. Funds should include $4.00 postage. Order NOW!

Please remember we are dealing with nature's creations and must allow for natural variations.
Product availability & price subject to change without notice.

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