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Soapstone is an ideal medium to begin carving. Easy to work with providing such wonderful characteristics of softness and the varieties of color, one can achieve an attractive finished product with a minimum of investment. This top quality soapstone should meet your carving needs with excellent results!  In Stock order now for immediate shipping!

Variety Description
Oregon Soapstone Brownish Green - opaque

To ensure availibility of your item, order as early as possible! Color and size dependant on avilibility. Shop early for best selection. Be sure to specify your preference of size range. We normally carry 1-3 pound pieces, and the price varies according to the weight of each piece. Larger pieces are available by special order

Due to soapstone's softness, specialized tools are not necessary, just common items found around the house: a hacksaw, assorted files, pointed tools, sandpaper etc. are all that's needed. 

Here are just two of the many titles we carry: The following books share simple techniques for you to turn this material and others into attractive projects.

Rock Sculpture Book -  In Stock order now for immediate shipping!

Rock Sculpture... by sculptor Violet Stage. Excellent beginners book on the joy of stone carving for beginners. Covers elements of design, tools needed, how to start and what rocks to start sculpting grouped by hardness. The book is complete with beautiful color photographs of many of Mrs. Stage's masterpieces. 46 page paperback. In Stock order it NOW $6.95.

Rock Sculpture


Creating With Soapstone...Simple Techniques, Beautiful Projects, by sculptor Kurt Haberstitch. This illustrated guide describes how to choose a piece of stone, basic tools, and how to use them. Provides step-by-step instructions for pretty and practical projects and includes soapstone art from around the world. 96 page paperback. Sorry NO Longer Available

Creating With Soapstone Book -  In Stock order now for immediate shipping!
Creating with Soapstone

Product availability & prices subject to change without notice.
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