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Geology Tools by Estwing

New Geo/Paleo Pick
The NEW Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick - BIG BLUE as used on Cash to Treasures.  Safety goggles should be worn when using this tool - Click here to order NOW. Estwing Geologist Tools - from Wesley's Trading Post

Best Buy Back By Popular Demand! This is the new completely re-designed Estwing HoePick. Big Blue is the tool the pros use as seen on Cash to Treasures, perfect for all your geological and paleo digs! An ideal tool for professionals and serious rockhounds. All steel construction with a 25" overall handle length and 14" overall head length from pointed edge to chisel edge. Rugged with a durable powder coated finish and lightweight at only 4 pounds. Big blue has Estwings textured vinyl grip for added comfort. In Stock, immediate shipping. Shipping weight 6 lbs. GP 100 NEW List price $85.00. Buy it NOW and SAVE! Only $69.95. Plus Shipping.

Estwing Tools...
  • Unique design
  • One-piece construction
  • Strongest construction known
  • Exclusive molded nylon-vinyl grip
  • Hand tools carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
  • Affordable
  • First choice of geologist... prospectors and rockhounds worldwide.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Geologist Pick and Leather Holster
Estwing Geologist Rock Pick and Leather belt Holster sold separately - Remember to wear safety goggles when using this item. Click here to order NOW

Best Buy This is the standard size Estwing geologist 22 oz pick has a square striking head and pointed pick tip also known as a rock hammer or rockpick. The extra weight offers extra striking power as compared to the 14 ounce rock picks. Overall length 13" made of fully forged steel in one piece, with a NEW nylon-vinyl deep shock reduction cushion grip for breaking up rocks. Don't forget to use eye protection when using any hammer! Estwing 22 oz Geologist Pick only - (as shown) In Stock and ships immediately, shipping weight 3 lbs. $39.95. Buy it NOW .

Leatherette belt holster... (as pictured) for the above Estwing Geologist pick, provides a safe, convenient way to carry your pick, keeps sharp point safely enclosed. The holster only, In Stock and ships immediately, shipping weight 4 oz. $11.00. Plus Shipping.

Estwing Gem/Shell Scoops - Are No Longer Available
The original Estwing Gem and Shell Scoop - quality can't be matched

IT'S BACK! Discontinued by ESTWING as of 2004. NOW AVAILABLE AS THE NEW Treasure Scoop. Strong featherweight all-aluminum alloy: 36" long handle non-slip nylon vinyl grip is molded on - can't come off or wear out. This Shell and Gem Scoop makes rockhounding a pleasure, weighing only 1 pound is built to support up to 350 lbs. Excellent as a walking stick, pointed spur and scoop edge to rake or pick-up, climb up or down. GREAT for beachcombers to help prevent you from slipping on mossy rocks while tide pooling, useful for clam digging, etc. In Stock and ships immediately, shipping weight 2 pounds $44.95 each. Order NOW!

USERS COMMENTS... "I'm glag to see the gem scoop available again, lately I have had re-occuring knee problems since my knee surgery (over 20 years ago), and the gem & treasure scoop allows me to continue my beachcombing and rockhounding. I use the treasure scoop like a trecking pole, as it is strong but ultralite and gives me a feeling of security and balance for breaking and confidence to help protect my joints and muscles from hiking impact lessening soreness on my knee."

Designed By:
Myers Design Labs,
Newport, Oregon
Product availability & prices subject to change without notice.

Wesley's Trading Post is proud to be an authorized dealer of quality products from: Diamond Pacific, Lortone and other reputable distributers to bring you the right tools for the field or lapidary crafts - something for every budget!

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