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Real Sharks Teeth

FACETS team of buyers: Kay and Richard (is 6 foot 1 inch tall for scale on the size of this jaw) take a break from their shopping tour for a photo with a reconstructed actual size Carcharodon megalodon shark jaw of genuine fossilized teeth worth thousands of dollars, NOT a plastic copy of a sharks jaw. This could have been a jaw of a 40+ foot shark which is bigger than any sharks of today.Sharks teeth... are one of the most sought after fossils on the market today for collectors, and they make great unique gifts for the sea loving lady or gentleman in your life - fishermen, divers, surfers and especially children love sharks teeth!

FACETS stocks only genuine complete (no reproductions) sharks tooth products: jaws and shark teeth, both present day modern white and or fossilized dark teeth that are millions of years old. A nice selection of teeth are still available for sale, from various species while supplies last: mako, tiger, bull, sand, hemipristis, snaggle tooth, dusky, lemon, to extinct, carcharodon megladon, sharks teeth (some of which are up to 4 inches long) that will appeal to all ages! These pieces have all been personally selected for their unique qualities, by our well qualified team of buyers.

Best Buy We also have hand-made fashion jewelry of real fossilized and modern white shark's teeth from world wide localities - created by reputable artisans and distributers. Sharks shed many, many teeth throughout their lifetime - many nice teeth for our small wire wrapped pendants measuring between ½" to ¾" prices starting at just $3.50 each for our small pendant sharks teeth. Something for every budget!

Choose from:
Small present day sharks jaws $8.00 each
For sale - modern day small 4 inch (wide) bull sharks jaws cleaned and bleached.  In Stock available for immediate shipping. Order NOW!  $8.00 each.
Present day mako shark tooth necklace $28.50.
Present day mako shark tooth necklace strung on a 18 inch necklace(rubber cord), accented with turquoise patina ceramic beads.  Just $28.50.  Select from these trend setting styles plus many more original styles to choose from...
Fossil Moroccan shark tooth necklace $24.00.
Fossil Moroccan sharks tooth strung on a 17 inch necklace(rubber cord), addorned with striking wooden beads of black and brown with gold tone accent beads.  In Stock available for immediate shipping. Order NOW! $24.00. Select from these plus many other styles to choose from, limited availibility, styles will vary...
Wire wrap sharks tooth pendant
Large extinct Lamna sp from Sahara, Morocco, Africa, wire wraped sharks tooth pendant.

Please remember we are dealing with items from nature
and must allow for natural variations in the size and shape of the shark's teeth.

Product availability & prices are subject to change without notice.

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